The Setup

The players find themselves locked up in the slave pen of an up and coming merchant of the city of Balic.

(request for character background on their origins and how they became slaves. Also ask for personal goals as possible side quests.)

(more info on this merchant to follow. Merchant has been recently successful in the trading of various goods as well as slaves. Aside from the commercial interests, he has been getting more involved in politics in order to protect own business. Said merchant is a shrewd and manipulative businessman. He has a very uncouth, unrefined personality. He has no fighting or combat skills at all. He is constantly surrounded by loyal guards. It is rumored that he employs a special solo bodyguard but always hides in the background tailing him and the last line of defense after the mundane guards are defeated. No one has lived to tell others about this solo bodyguard. PCs will have to perform skills checks to find out

(info on the layout of the property of said merchant)

(who are with them in the pens? fellow slaves, wild animals, etc.)

(possible escape possibilities…)

The Setup

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